We strive to protect the spiritual roots and values of religious cultures and create a successful environment for their development and flourishment. But this environment will be clean and harmless: without any lies, absurdity, hypocrisy, and pride.
Through art, we aim to shed light on man’s consciousness to show him the way of revelation, beauty, and experience.
True Culture positively changes and transforms the human heart, gives an alternative model of spiritual life, and opens new prospects for spiritual creativity.
Together, we will discover the spiritual way of creative life, which will inspire the soul and transform the minds of many. Making a breakthrough is not just a simple task. It is the duty and responsibility of the human spirit.
Our goal is to discover, reveal, promote, and protect the cultural identities and significance of real artists, musicians, poets, writers, philosophers, and religious dwellers.

We are dedicated to revealing the problems of contemporary culture and art and fostering the most important questions that will test them. Through deep exploration, cognition, evaluation, criticism, and true interpretation, these questions will reveal the impurities and falsehoods of contemporary culture and art and lead us to a purified and authentic spirit. We are dedicated to the way of spiritual enlightenment and purification where lies, nonsense, absurdity, corruption, hypocrisy, and pride are unacceptable evils.

Message From The Founder

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    I am delighted to welcome all of you to ARC Prospect International Foundation.

    I have always appreciated the artistic creativity…

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    We are in the process of establishment the ARC Prospect Center in Northern California in a region where the outskirts…

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Inspiring Acheivements

  • Our Acheivements

    As part of Scholarly Research, ARC Prospect is developing online biographical publications of people who have made a positive impact…

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