Through the revival of true art, spiritual revelation, and the birth of theurgical culture, we seek the rediscovery of man and his spiritual enlightenment and transfiguration.
In the beginning was the Word, which is the Tao and the Light. In the Word was the Life, and the Life was the Light of Man. We are here to discover It.
Through exhibitions, debates, and dialogues we inspire and challenge artists to raise the voice of true art in the world.
Through our work we aim to shed light on man’s consciousness to show him the way to the comprehension and experience of revelation.
Our initiative is to support the birth of theurgical culture and largely contribute to its prosperity and growth around the world.

The rebirth of spiritual culture and the transformation of the world will begin when we will consciously understand that the value of life is higher than any law, political or economic system, mighty state or flourishing civilization.

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Message From The Founder

  • Paul'sVoice6

    I am delighted to welcome all of you to ARC Prospect International Foundation.

    I have always appreciated the artistic creativity…

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  • ARC Prospect center1

    We are in the process of establishment the ARC Prospect Center in Northern California in a region where the outskirts…

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Inspiring Acheivements

  • Our Acheivements

    As part of Scholarly Research, ARC Prospect is developing online biographical publications of people who have made an incredibly positive…

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