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Francine M.J. Houben

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Member of the Council of the International Foundation of Architects
and Design Professionals of ARCPROSPECT.

Professor of Architecture, MSc , I FRIBA, HonFAIA, HonFRAIC,

Architect, Creative Director, Founder of architectural firm Mecanoo architecten.





(Sittard, 1955)

Francine Houben, founder of the architects’ firm Mecanoo architecten in Delft, has produced many outstanding projects during its 25 years of existence. Houben, with a degree from the Delft Technical University, attaches great value to the non-conformist character of Mecanoo’s designs: “All our projects are statements, unique projects which are imitated by professional colleagues. That makes me proud”. Houben as an architect is opposed to too stringent interpretations of her professional area. For her, architecture is not only designing a building. Houben: “Architecture is a combination of various elements, like town and landscape planning and interior design. My work is characterised by the integration of these disciplines”.

In her designs Francine Houben looks for the secrets of the site’s location. She is fascinated by stratification, where technical, human and playful aspects are interwoven into one solution. Houben: “Architecture should touch the senses. Architecture can never be a purely intellectual, conceptual and visual game. What counts in the end is the interweaving of form and emotion.”

The designs of Francine Houben are based on both analyses and intuition with a lot of attention for detailing, innovation and sustainability. Well known examples are Faculty of Economics and Management in Utrecht (1995), Library for the Delft University of Technology (1998, Steel Building Prize1998 and Corus Construction Award for the Millennium), National Heritage Museum in Arnhem (2000, TECU Architecture Award 2001 and Dutch Building Prize 2003), Hilton Hotel on Schiphol Airport (2001), Masterplan Delft University for Technology (2001), Montevideo in Rotterdam (2005, International Highrise Award 2006), Business Innovation Centre FiftyTwoDegrees in Nijmegen (2007, Dedalo Minosse for Sustainability 2008), Theatre and Congress Centre La Llotja in Lleida, Spain ( 2009), Palace of Justice in Córdoba, Spain (2011), Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Performing Arts in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2012, Cityscape Architectural Award 2008). This year Mecanoo has won the competition for the Library of Birmingham in the UK, which promises to be the largest library in Europe (2013).

In 1999 Francine Houben introduced the concept of aesthetics of mobility as an instrument for country and town planning. From her Chair in Aesthetics of Mobility at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands she became director of the First International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam from 2002-2003, with Mobility, a room with a view as a theme. With this biennale she brought mobility as part of our daily life under the attention of a large international audience. In 2001 Francine received an honorary fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects. In the same year her manifest on architecture Composition, Contrast, Complexity was published. From 2002-2006 she was City Architect of Almere. In 2007 she was visiting professor at Harvard University in Cambridge, U.S.A. In 2007 she received honorary fellowships of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the American Institute of Architects. In 2008 Francine Houben was awarded the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award.

In 2001 Francine Houben publishes her manifesto about architecture ‘Composition, Contrast, Complexity’. In 2008 a new Mecanoo monograph was published in the series Masters of Architecture by The Images Publishing Group.



Our work shows a balance between pragmatic considerations and a strong landmark quality. The three words in the title of my book: composition, contrast and complexity, sum up the basis of Mecanoo’s architecture but say little about its nature, which in all respects is the complete opposite of cool, abstract and minimalist. Maximalist might be an appropriate neologism for this architecture that is warm and tangible and always offers a rich sensory experience. For me architecture should stir all the senses and is never a purely intellectual, conceptual or visual game. Architecture is about bringing all of the separate elements together in a single concept. With Mecanoo the sensory aspect is not only determined by form and space, but by the lavish use of materials. We excel in subtle combinations of the most diverse materials, including wood, concrete, copper, bamboo, brick, pebbles, zinc, stone, vegetation, glass and planes of saturated colour.

We regard every assignment as a new challenge for seeking innovative solutions. Every design assignment consists of looking for a solution that perfectly matches the specific situation and the wishes of the user. Our designs respond to their broad environmental context. Each design is considered in terms of its cultural setting, place and time. As such we treat each project as a unique design statement.



Public/Cultural buildings

- Mediaspace (library) and waterfront development, Aarhus, Denmark (2008), one of three in 2nd round competition

- Library of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK (2008-2013), new library of 38,000 m2 including a new auditorium integrated with the existing repertory theatre and new urban plan for Centenary Square

- Municipal offices and train station, Delft (2006-2014), municipal offices with public lobby of 30,000 m2; station with shops, ticket office and restaurants in the station hall and underground platforms of 4,500 m2

- National Performing Arts Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2007-2012), theatre complex of 100,000 m2 with a concert hall of 2,300 seats, an opera house with 2,000 seats, a theatre hall with 1000 seats, an experimental Black Box with 500 seats, an open-air theatre, and landscape design of the 65 ha. Wei-Wu-Ying Metropolitan Park, 1st prize competition, Cityscape Architectural Award 2008

- National Historical Museum, Arnhem (2007-2011), museum complex of 10,000 m2 with exhibition halls, auditorium, radio and television station, restaurant, meditheek, education center, rotating exhibition space and museum shop

- Theatre Amphion, Doetinchem (2005-2008), large hall with 850 seats, small hall with 200 seats, foyer and cafe

- La Llotja, Lleida, Spain (2005-2008), theatre/congress centre of 37,500 m2 with two congress halls (1200 and 400 seats), the largest functions as a theatre as well, a multifunctional space and a lounge, 1st prize competition

- MOdAM, Milan, Italy (2006), competition for fashion museum and fashion school of 11,000 m2

- Palazzo della Justizia, Trento, Italy (2005), competition for the renovation of the Palace of Justice of 5,600 m2 and 20,000 m2 new offices, court rooms, and a public area with a restaurant, café, library and post offices

- Royal Institute for the Tropics, Amsterdam (2005), multiple assignment for a new museum entrance, theatre, hotel and offices of 15,000 m2

- Cultural Centre Hoofddorp (2005), multiple assignment for an urban plan and theatre of 14,080 m2, a Centre for Art and Culture, a pop stage of 3,070 m2, a library of 5,150 m2, catering of 1,100 m2 and 350 parking places

- Rozentheater, Amsterdam (2001-2005), renovation of a youth theatre of 2,100 m2 with a theatre hall (190 chairs), a multi functional hall (50 chairs) and a bar with lounge

- Hogeveld, Den Haag (2000-2004), multifunctional complex with 2 elementary schools of 7,100 m2, a multifunctional centre of 1,500 m2, a sports hall of 2,800 m2, a day care centre of 1,400 m22 each within the urban plan of "Hoge Veld", The Hague and 6 apartments of app. 115 m

- Learning Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland (2004), learning centre of 15,000 m2 for the École Polytechique Fédérale de Lausanne

- Visio, Huizen (2001-2004), school for visual and multiple handicapted children with gymnasium and therapeutic bath of 3,015 m2

- Alexander Barracks, The Hague (2001-2003), masterplan and officer’s hotel with 447 rooms for officers of the Royal Army and Navy

- Psychiatric Hospital, Goes (1998-2002), pavilion for Long-term Residential Care of 1,800 m222. Award: 2nd prize Zeeuwse Architecture Award for long term treatment of 42 psychiatric patients and Centre for Geriatric Psychiatry for 28 patients of 1,740 m and renovation of 1,100 m

- Chapel St Mary of the Angels, Rotterdam (1998-2001), chapel of 110 m2 built on the remains of chapel from 19th century and design of the public space

- BBC Headquarters, Glasgow, Scotland (2001), new head quarters for the BBC Scotland of 21,000 m2, 2nd prize competition

- National Heritage Museum, Arnhem, (1995-2000), entrance building with museum and 'HollandRama' (panoramic theatre) of 3,185 m2. Award: “TECU” Architecture Award 2000, Dutch Building Award 2003

- Library, Delft University of Technology (1993-1997), university library of 15,000 m2, Steel Construction Award 1998, Corus Construction Award 2000

- School Hillekop, Rotterdam (1994-1997), elementary school of 1,000 m2

- Compagnie Theatre/former Trust Theatre, Amsterdam (1995-1996), alteration of a former church into a theatre of 2,700 m2

- Faculty for Economics and Management, Utrecht (1991-1995), Faculty of the Hogeschool Utrecht of 23,500 m2

- Isala College, Silvolde (1990-1995), school for secondary education of 6,500 m2. Award: Prize for best School Building 1996

- Botanical Laboratory and Library, Wageningen (1986-1992), botanical laboratory of 4,675 m2, library of 700 m2 and renovation of the existing building


Commercial buildings

- FiftyTwoDegrees, Nijmegen (2001-2007), business and innovation centre of 70,000 m2, with offices, a conference centre, catering, apartments, retail and sport facilities

- Headquarters Yokogawa, Amersfoort (2005), industrial complex of app. 35,000 m22 office space, an industrial hall of 11,000 m2 and a basement for 450 parking places with 12,000 m

- World Trade Center and Digital Port, Rotterdam (2002-2004), design development for the total building of 7,000 m2, interior redesign for 3,000 m2 and a pavilion of 800 m2 inside the stock exchange hall for workshops about the application of ICT in businesses.

- Knowledge Centre Novartis, Basle, Switzerland (2003), laboratory building of 6,000 m2 with 3,000 m2 laboratories and 1,000 m2 offices

- European Investment Bank, Luxembourg (2002), competition for a new headquarter for the European Investment bank in Luxembourg of 66,000 m2, 2nd prize competition

- Headquarters OMS-ONUSIDA, Geneva, Switzerland (2002), competition for new head quarters of the World Health Organisation of 29,363 m2 (honorary citation)

- Hilton Hotel, Schiphol (2000-2001), extension of the Hilton Hotel on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol of 14,965 m2

- Ministry for Agriculture (2000-2001)

- Golf hotel/ Golf club (2001-2004), masterplan for a hotel and golf of 21,800 m2 with conference hall of 1,900 m2, 1,600 m2 driving range, drive-in garage with 80 parking places and parking area of 600 cars

- Office villa Maliebaan 16, Utrecht (1998-2000), extension and interior design of office villa of 980 m2. Award: A.M Schreuders Award 2001 for underground building



- Montevideo, Rotterdam (1999-2005), residential tower of 152,317 meters with apartments 36,867 m2; swimming pool, fitness and service area 905 m2; office space 6,129 m2; retail 1,608 m2; parking garage for 272 cars

- ange Jan and Lange Lies, Heerlen (2003), double residential tower of respectively 31 and 25 floors with 110 apartments, first prize competition

- Vondelparc, Utrecht (1998-2002), urban plan for the design of 19,600 m2 public space and 203 apartments and dwellings

- Nieuw Terbregge, Rotterdam (1998-2001), urban plan and newly built 107 'double-deckers' and 48 waterfront houses, Building Quality Award 2000

- Brouwersgracht 280-282 en L.A. Rieshuis, Amsterdam (1995-1998), 7 apartments and a studio on the Brouwersgracht and L.A. Rieshuis with 7 service apartments with a public space in the Vinkenstraat

- Schie-oevers west, Rotterdam (1990-1998), 214 dwellings, 100 m2 commercial space and an elementary school with 24 class rooms of 2,035 m2

- Herdenkingsplein, Maastricht (1990-1994), 52 dwellings within the historical city centre of Maastricht

- Ringvaartplasbuurt Oost, Rotterdam (1990-1993), urban plan and design of 550 houses

- Ambassador’s residence, Kopenhagen, Denmark (1992-1996), design for a new residence

- House with Studio, Rotterdam (1989-1991, 2005-2006), house with studio of 300 m2 and the additional renovation of an adjoining 350 m2


Urban plans

- Fox Hill, Sheffield, U.K. (2005-2010), urban plan with 215 dwellings, 1st prize competition

- Mekelpark, Delft (2004-2008), masterplan for a parc of 8 ha. and design of a tram line

- Regev Terrain, Hilversum (2004-2005), redevelopment of the former Regional Power Station terrain with 330 dwellings and 1,400 m² small scale commercial facilities, 1st prize competition

- Bijlmerpark, Amsterdam (2003-2004), urban plan for a park with 700 dwellings and 10 ha. sports program, offices and a school, 1st prize competition

- Pasila Engineering Works Area, Helsinki, Finland (2004), urban plan for an apartment complex of 40,000 m² with a parking garage and design of the public spaceappartementencomplex van 40.000 m² met parkeergarage en inrichting van de openbare ruimte

- Campuspark, Haarlem (2003-2004), masterplan for a mixed use development bridging the Westelijke Randweg with a high concentration of functions: education, offices, apartments, student halls of residence and social services

- Retailpark Westermaat, Hengelo (1999-2004), urban plan for a retail park with Ikea of 25,000 m2, advertisement towers, commercial space of 25,000 m2 and McDonalds of 470 m2

- Masterplan Gdansk, Poland (2002-2003), urban plan, restructuring of a city district with a railway station, retail, offices, apartments, a hotel, a cinema and parking space

- Essent urban design study, Den Bosch (2002-2003), urban design strategy for Essent’s 36,000 m2 new office complex, 10,700 m2 of which are in a building to be preserved, in relation to the urban design plans of the municipality, and 750 parking places

- Masterplan Tirana (2003), conceptual plan for the urban development of Tirana City Center, 3rd prize competition

- Masterplan Delft University of Technology (2001-2002), masterplan for the campus of the TU Delft of 60,000 m2, in co-operation with TU Delft Vastgoed and ING Real Estate, The Hague

- Westergasfabriek Terrain, Amsterdam (1997-2001), transformation former Westergasfabriek in a cultural park, with re-development of 8,000 m2 industrial buildings and 3,500 m2 new development

- Space by space, Groningen (1989-1990), masterplan for the public space of the inner city of Groningen and furnishing of several streets


Mobility projects

- Almere coast line (2002-2005), Highrise, mobility and coastline study for the city of Almere

- Holland Avenue (2002), vision on the roads of the future from the road user's perspective

- Waalbossroute (2001), study on the ecology and identities of the urban spaces, open spaces, traffic junctions and exits

- Panoramas and Perforations (2000), research on the relationship between ecology and infrastructure in the Randstad Circuit

- Zuiderzee Route (2000), vision on the implementation of 230 km rail track, stations and landscapes

- Design Magnetic Suspension Track (2000), study on the implementation in the landscape of the magnetic suspension track

- Urban Panorama’s of the Delta metropolis (Dutch Mountains) (2000), study on the high rise policy in the Randstad of the Netherlands

- Study Aestetics of Mobility, A Room with a View (1999), the motorway as design assignment from the perspective of the road user

- Louis Couperus Route (1999), study on the implementation of the High Speed Line East through the Provence of Utrecht



Mecanoo works as a laboratory where ideas are brought about by intensive collaboration among architects, urban planners and landscape architects. Cross disciplinary collaboration and learning creates solutions that may have otherwise been overlooked without this cooperation. Design competitions are the perfect mode for this open creativity and Mecanoo’s success can be measured by the number of projects won through this intensive method where innovation is born out of the project’s context and necessity.

The following design competitions resulted in the awarding of a contract unless otherwise noted.


Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Performing Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Theatre complex of 100,000 m2 with a concert hall of 2,300 seats, an opera house with 2,000 seats, a theatre hall with 1000 seats, an experimental Black Box with 500 seats, an open-air theatre, and landscape design of the 65 ha. Wei-Wu-Ying Metropolitan Park 2008 Cityscape Award

Municipal Office Building and Train Station, Delft

Municipal offices with public lobby of 30,000 m2; station with shops, ticket office and restaurants in the station hall and underground platforms of 4,500 m2


Palace of Justice, Córdoba, Spain

Courthouse with more than 20 court rooms, a wedding room, a Forensic Institute, offices, a cafe, an archive, a prison and a parking garage of 48,000 m2


La Llotja Theatre and Convention Centre, Lleida, Spain

Theatre and congress centre of 37,500 m² with two congress halls (1200 and 400 seats), the largest functions as a theatre as well, a multifunctional space of 700 m², a lounge, parking 9,500 m², a square, Mercolleida office and retail space 2,600 m²

Villa Industria, Hilversum

Redevelopment of the former Regional Power Station terrain with 330 dwellings and 1,400 m² small scale commercial facilities


Da Vinci College, Learning Park Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Regional Education Center of 25.000 m2 with classrooms for theoretical and practical training, learning companies and an icon building of 3.000 m2 with a conference center and a restaurant

Residential Tower ‘Lange Jan en Lange Lies’, Heerlen, The Netherlands

Double residential tower of app. 100 metres, with 31 and 25 storeys

Bijlmerpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Urban development plan for a parc of 45 hectare with 600 dwellings and 10 hectare with sport facilities

Centrum Doornakkers, Eindhoven

Shopping plus cultural center and housing around a new square and an existing parc


FiftyTwoDegrees (formerly Philips Knowledge Centre), Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Building complex of 70,000 m2, with offices, a conference centre, catering, apartments, retail and sport facilities.

International Prize Dedalo Minosse 2007/2008 Special Prize for Sustainability

World Health Organisation Headquarters, Geneva

30,000 m² highly sustainable office headquarters (2nd prize)

BBC Scotland Headquarters, Glasgow

design for new 21,000 m2 headquarters including offices, studios, workshops and amenities (2nd prize)

Hilton Hotel, Schiphol, The Netherlands

Design for the extension of the Hilton Hotel with 220 rooms, a new lobby, a health club and a business centre of app. 15,000 m2

Swindon College, Swindon, Great Brittain (not awarded)

Gdansk, Poland

design for a shopping center in the city centre

Los Mameyes, Santo Domingo

urban development plan with housing and shops (not awarded)


Adelboden, Switserland (2000)

design for apartments and a hotel (not awarded)


Wohngebiet am Güterbahnhof, Berlin Güterwald, Germany

design for housing


Westergasfabriek Terrain, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Park design and master plan to transform a former gas factory into an urban cultural park.

University Malmö, Sweden

design for an eco university complex on a former harbour area (not awarded)


Platzrandbebauung Internationales Handelszentrum, Düsseldorf, Germany

Design of ca. 70 residences, commercial facilities and a day care centre (3rd prize)


Urban development plan ’Iseplatz’, Hamburg, Germany (1995-1996)

design for 26 houses, boat house and bar, approximately 3.500 m² (not awarded)


Kleinmachnow, Berlin, Germany

Urban development plan with garden city and shopping center, (2nd prize)


Cultural center Kasteelruïne, Deurne

Restoration and extension of castle ruins into a cultural centre with museum, educational centre and multifunctional space (2nd prize)

Ressourcenschonender Wohnungsbau, Unna-Uelzen, Germany

Urban development ideas competition, (3rd prize)


Delft University of Technology Library, Delft, The Netherlands

University library of 15,000 m² with underground book archive, reading rooms, university publisher, offices, Trésor for historical books and exhibitions, study spaces, book binder and bookshop.

National Steel Award 1998 and Corus Construction Award 2000


UNESCO-competition Tomorrow’s Habitat, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Vision on housing for the year 2000


Competition ‘Kruisplein’, Het Oude Westen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Flexible youth housing in the inner city of Rotterdam.




International Design Awards 2008 1st place Architecture Commercial Building for FiftyTwoDegrees, Nigjmegen

International Design Awards 2008 3rd place Urban Design for the Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Performing Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Cityscape Architectural Award 2008 for National Performing Arts Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

International Prize Dedalo Minosse 2007/2008 Special Prize for Sustainability for FiftyTwoDegrees, Nijmegen


Brick Development Association Brick Award for Swimming Pool and Sports Centre het Marnix in Amsterdam

Honorary fellowships for Francine Houben of the American Institute of Architects and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.


International Highrise Award 2006 for Montevideo, Rotterdam

International Prize Dedalo Minosse 2005/2006 for Montevideo, Rotterdam

National Steel Construction Prize 2006 Nomination for Montevideo, Rotterdam

City of Rotterdam Building Quality Prize 2006 for Montevideo, Rotterdam


Province of South Holland Culture Award for Francine Houben

Real Estate Society of Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam Golden Boulder 2005 Prize for Montevideo, Rotterdam


Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Best School Building Prize 2004 for primary school Het Braambos, Hoofddorp (design Mecanoo i.c.w. N2 architecten)


Dutch Building Prize Foundation Dutch Building Prize 2003 for the National Heritage Museum, Arnhem

Foundation Het Zeeuwse Gezicht Zeeuwse Architecture Prize 2003 Second prize for Psychiatric Hospital, Goes

5 Dutch Ministries Egg of Columbus prize for innovation and sustainability for the Glass House as Energy Source


Association Stadswerk Nederland Extraordinary Idea 2002 Second prize for The Glass Village, Zuidplaspolder

Foundation of Attention to Architecture for the city of Arnhem Heuvelink Public Prize 2002 for residential area The Bastion, Rijkerswoerd, Arnhem

City of Hilversum Architecture Prize 2002, Public Prize Nomination for Oude Torenstraat, Hilversum


Honorary fellowship for Francine Houben of the Royal Institute of British Architecture, U.K.

Wood Centre, Almere Wood Prize Nomination for National Heritage Museum, Arnhem

The A.M. Schreuders Foundation A.M. Schreuders Prize 2001 for best underground building for Office Villa Maliebaan 16, Utrecht


Fundaçao Bienal de São Paulo, Brazil 4a Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura’s Award for the exhibition Mecanoo Blue – Composition, Contrast, Complexity

Corus Construction Award for the Millennium for the Library Delft University of Technology

KM Europa Metal Aktiengesellschaft Osnabrück, Germany ‘TECU’ Architecture Award 2000 for the National Heritage Museum, Arnhem

City of Rotterdam Building Quality Award 2000 for residential area Nieuw Terbregge, Rotterdam


Dutch Steel Building Institute National Steel Construction Prize 1998 for the Library Delft University of Technology


Achterhoek Promotion Prize for Isala College, Silvolde


Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Best School Building Prize 1996 for Isala College, Silvolde

Prize for Public Space Nomination for residential area Herdenkingsplein, Maastricht

Mies van der Rohe Pavilion Award for European Architecture 1996 Nomination for Faculty of Economics and Management, Utrecht


Design Prize Rotterdam 1995 Nomination for Nationale Nederlanden Headquarters and ING-bank in Budapest, Hungary


Prize for Public Space Nomination for residential area Ringvaartplasbuurt East, Rotterdam

City of Maastricht Jhr. Victor de Stuerspenning Prize for residential area Herdenkingsplein, Maastricht

Bund Deutscher Architekten Experimental Housing Hugo Häring Prize B.D.A. for Internationale Gartenbau Ausstellung, Stuttgart, Germany

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Best School Building Prize 1994 Nomination for school ‘de Brug’, Leiden

Ministry of Housing, Regional Development and Environment Bronzen Bever Prize for Building and Housing 1994 Nomination for residential area Park Haagseweg, Amsterdam


Bund Deutscher Architekten for Experimental Housing Auszeichnung Guter Bauten Prize B.D.A. 1993 for Internationale Gartenbau Ausstellung, Stuttgart, Germany

City of The Hague Berlagevlag Prize for the offices for Gravura Lithographers, The Hague


City of Rotterdam Rotterdam Maaskant Prize for Young Architects



Special Guest Speaker, Auditoria & Performing Arts Centres Executive Summit, London, U.K. (2007)

‘Dutch Mountains’, Catholic University, Washington D.C., U.S.A. (2007)

‘Dutch Mountains’, Harvard University, Cambridge, U.S.A. (2007)

Symposium ‘Architecture 2.0. The destiny of architecture’, De Doelen, Rotterdam (2007)

Colegio de Arquitectos, Cordóba, Spain (2007)

Key note speaker, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (2007)

‘Theatre of the Future’, Koninklijke Schouwburg, The Hague (2007)

‘Dutch Mountains’, Casa CASLa, Almere (2007)

Arcam, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (2006)

Centre of Contemporary Architecture, Moscow, Russia (2006)

Centre of Contemporary Architecture, St. Petersburg, Russia (2006)

‘Kapelle-Kirche-Kathedrale’, Reichenauer Kunstlertage, Zürich, Switzerland (2006)

LIPAU at GAMEC (Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea), Alghero, Italy Sardiny (2006)

Stockholm Public Library Architectural Competition (2006)

High rise congress, Almere (2006)

ZV Kongress “GROW”, Vienna, Austria (2006)

AIT, Hanover, Germany (2006)

Ministry of housing, Tirana, Albania (2005)

Ministry of housing, Budapest, Hongary (2005)

ING Real Estate, The Hague (2005)

Ministry of Social Affairs of the European countries, Rotterdam (2005)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague (2005)

Student organisation Cheops, Technical University, Eindhoven (2005)

Ministery of Social Affairs and Employment, Rotterdam (2004)

Tumult Debate Center, Utrecht (2004)

Nederlandsche Maatschappij voor Nijverheid en Handel, Hengelo (2004)

School of Architecture & Planning, State University of New York, Buffalo (2004)

Architectural Review, London, U.K. (2004)

Arkimeet, Istanbul, Turkey (2004)

Delft University of Technology, faculty of architecture (2004)

High rise lecture, ‘Welstand’ Committee, local authority, Utrecht (2004)

Architecture Café, The Hague, (2004)

Forum of political party PvdA, Rotterdam (2004)

Berlin Conference, Gottlieb Daimler- und Karl Benz-Stiftung, Germany (2004)

The Costs C10 Action: outskirts of European Cities, Paris, France (2004)

Studium Generale, Delft University of Technology (2004)

Delft University of Technology, faculty of architecture (2004)

Ministry of Economics, London, U.K. (2004)

Lecture for K.L. Poll Foundation, Delft (2004)

Lecture Future of Housing, Ministry of housing, Budapest, Hongary (2004)

Besix Symposium, Rotterdam (2004)

Opening Lecture of Spring Programme, Royal Academy of Arts, Geological Society, London, U.K. (2003)

Symposium World Avenue, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam (2003)

Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Nijverheid en Handel, Den Haag (2003)

Indesem, Delft University of Technology (2003)

‘Mobility A Room with a View’, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam (2003)

100% Design, Rotterdam (2003)

Architektur Zentrum, Hamburg, Germany (2003)

Big Biennale Debate, 1st International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (2003)

DHV, De Bilt (2003)

Universita Degli Studi Di Napoli Federico II, Facolta Di Architettura, Naples, Italy (2003)

Night of Architecture, Arnhem (2003)

‘Mobility and High rise, Department of Urban Planning and Landscape, DSO, Almere (2003)

Lecture Buy Buy Architecture, Technische Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria (2003)

University of Rome, Ministery of Traffic ANAS, Rome, Italy (2003)

University of Pescara, Italy (2003)

In-Arch national institute of architecture, Rome, Italy (2003)

University of Ferrara, Italy (2003)

High Rise Lecture, Ontwikkelings Bedrijf Amsterdam (2003)

Dies Natalis Lecture, Delft University of Technology Delft (2003)

National Debate on Mobilty (2002)

Congres Centre, The Hague (2002)

ITESM, Instituto Tecnologico y de estudios superiores de Monterrey, Querétaro, Mexico (2002)

BAF, Bergen Architectural Association, Norway (2002)

‘De Industrieel Groote Club’, Amsterdam; Dutch Embassy Cairo, Egypt (2002)

ARCC/EAAE conference Montreal, Canada (2002)

Conference "Library buildings to 21st century" Helsinki, Finland (2002)

‘A room with a view’: Los Angeles (U.S.A.), Tokyo (Japan), Bejing (China), Hong Kong, Jakarta (Indonesia) (2002)

‘Dutch Mountains’, Notre Dame University of Beirut, Lebanon (2002)

‘Dutch Mountains’, AZURE Publishers, Toronto, Canada (2002)

Extensive use of space, Symposium Paushuize, Utrecht (2001)

Cityedge2, Melbourne, Australia (2001)

Cityedge2, Sydney, Australia (2001)

PAM, Malaysian Institute of Architects, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2001)

SAFA, Finnish Association of Architects, Turku, Finland (2001)

Museum night, Amersfoort (2001)

Seminar “100 Years of Dutch Housing Act 1901”, Boekarest, Rumania (2001)

Night of Architecture, Apeldoorn (2001)

Museo Nacional de Belles Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2000)

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina (2000)

University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A. (2000)

University of Oregon, Portland, U.S.A. (2000)

RIAI, Cork, Ireland (2000)

Royal Society of Architects in Wales (RSAW), Cardiff, U.K. (2000)

American Institute of Architects (AIA), New York, U.S.A. (2000)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A. (1999)

Lecture Ordini degli architetti della provincia di Como, Como, Italy (1999)

Frauen Bauen Lesung, University of Stuttgart, Germany (1998)

Europan 5, Bilbao, Spain (1998)

‘Forma y Frontera’, ITSM Queretera, Mexico (1998)

National Day for Sustainability, Amsterdam (1998)

‘Art of Engineering and Aesthetics of Mobility’, Ministry of (VROM) Traffic and Water Management New Church, The Hague (1998)

Università della Reggio, Italy (1997)

Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus, Denmark (1997)

National Association of Swedish Architects, Malmö, Sweden (1997)

Wüstenrot Stiftung Lesung, Technical University, Berlin, Germany (1997)

Rietveld lecture ‘Composition-Contrast-Complexity’, Utrecht (1995)

‘Symbol, Imagery and Place’, Ontario Association of Architects, Ottawa, Canada (1994)

ETH Zürich, Switzerland (1993)

Architekten Forum, Zürich, Switzerland (1993)

‘Modernism without Dogma’, Columbia University, New York, U.S.A. (1993)

The William Lyon Sommerville visiting lectureship, University of Calgary, Canada (1992)

Escuela Technica Superior de Arquitectura, Madrid, Spain (1992)



2007 Dutch Design Exhibition, Old Millfun 1933 Building, Shanghai, China

2007 Wide, wider, widest, National Education Museum, Rotterdam

2007 Woman who build, Academy building, Utrecht, travelling exhibition

2007 3rd International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Kunsthal, Rotterdam

2007 Dutch Mountains, Casa CASLa, Almere

2006 British Pavilion, 10th International Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy

2006 Mecanoo in Rotterdam, World Trade Center, Rotterdam

2006 Mecanoo in Nijmegen, Centre of Architecture, Nijmegen

2005 A Royal Exhibition, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam

2003 First International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, Rotterdam

2003 Grattacieli all’Orizzonte / Skyscrapers on the Skyline, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele,

Urban Center of the Municipality of Milano, Italy

2003 Sky High: Vertical Architecture, Royal Academy of Arts, London, U.K.

2003 Toneelschuur in the Vishal, De Vishal, Haarlem, The Netherlands

2002 International exhibition on spaces linked with city mobility,

Institut pour la Ville en mouvement, Paris, France

2002 Next, 8th International Architecture Biennale of Venice, Italy

2001 Mecanoo architecten, Composition, Contrast, Complexity, Netherlands Architecture Institute,

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2001 Architectural Freehand Drawing, GA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2000 Mecanoo Blue, Composition, Contrast, Complexity, Museo Nacional de Belles Artes,

Buenos Aires, Argentina

1999 Mecanoo, the reflective architect, U.S.A.: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Cornell University, Ithaca, New York; Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island; Graham Foundation, Chicago, Illinois; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge; Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana; University of Washington, Seattle; California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco; University of Ohio, Athens; University of Florida, Gainsville; University of Texas, Austin

1999 Mecanoo Blue, Composition, Contrast, Complexity, 4th International Architecture Biennale,

São Paulo, Brazil

1999 Mecanoo, Opere e progretti, Pinacoteca Civica, Como, Italy

1999 Mecanoo architecten, 1:20 – 1:200 – 1:200.000, Chair, Shed, Region, ABC Architecture Centre,

Haarlem, The Netherlands