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photo by: Yoshiyuki Hiraiphoto by: Yoshiyuki Hirai


Firm: Keiichi Hayashi Architect

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Location: Hyogo, Japan

Type: Residential


photo by: Yoshiyuki Hiraiphoto by: Yoshiyuki Hirai


photo by: Yoshiyuki Hiraiphoto by: Yoshiyuki Hirai


photo by: Yoshiyuki Hiraiphoto by: Yoshiyuki Hirai


The house which stands on a south-oriented cliff facing the Seto inland sea is designed for a couple with two children. Major part of the site is occupied with retaining walls which have been administrated by government. Only narrow plane was remained for the house to build.

The narrow plane stretches from east to west and has a 2.5meter drop approximately half way across its length. The structure incorporates this drop taking complete advantage of the site.

The main structure is made of reinforced concrete which acts as additional protection against minor land slippage on mountain side. On the other side which is facing the sea, glass façade provides magnificent view to the sea, breeze and sun light to enhance the activities of the residents and intimate relationship between residents and natural environment.

It is important to control the solar radiation in order to ensure comfortable thermal environment of the house. In this house, the amount of solar radiation entering the house and volume of the spaces are controlled by varying room widths and heights, as well as the use of varying eaves length.

Doma which is floor finishing and is made of concrete with electronic heating system beneath, collects the heat which is gained from direct solar radiation in winter season, and radiates the heat at night. Electric heating system will be used as sub heating system when temperature is low in the morning and lack of solar radiation. In summer, when temperature is high, the glass façade allow the breeze which is cooled down on the sea, to enter the house. And the concrete structure on the mountain side has high thermal capacity, and with insulation outside, it contains a function of collecting the heat and the cool. In this house, It is intended to have various spaces climatically and geometrically, so as to have flexible lifestyle for residents. It is meant to be the house as an environment.


Architect: Keiichi Hayashi Architect

Structure Engineer: Satoru Shimoyama / Shimoyama structure Office

Site Area: 379.65㎡

Total Floor Areas: 135.74㎡

Stories: 2 stories

Structure: reinforced concrete, partly steel frame


Keiichi Hayashi ArchitectKeiichi Hayashi Architect


Keiichi Hayashi ArchitectKeiichi Hayashi Architect


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Courtesy of Keiichi Hayashi Architect