Goal 1: To reveal the great spiritual values of ancient cultures and laying them as the foundation for our life, worldview, and the arts.
Goal 2: To reach out to talented, intelligent, and spiritual people and establishing the platform for art exhibitions, intellectual discussions, and publications of the creative work of writers, journalists, and various interesting thinkers.
Goal 3: To design and establish museums and centers for the flourishment of spiritual culture, art, and education of human society.
Goal 4: To organize art and photography exhibitions of contemporary masters who are consistent with the mission and programs of our foundation.
Goal 5: To restore neglected and forgotten cultures for the sake of the memory of our ancestors, for future generations, and for historical and spiritual self-awareness.

The digital age is the last test of human freedom. We face important questions: will art survive as true art by the middle of the 21st century? Will culture be human or will it be lost in digital technology? What will happen to the world of religion? Will a person survive as a creative, spiritual, self-determining, and self-conscious being? Preserving the cultural and spiritual identity of a human being, the ability to protect it and ensure a dignified existence for those who are inside it (the creativeness of artists, writers, poets, musicians, etc.) – this is not just a task, but a great duty and responsibility.


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