Goal 1: Explore the most important values of Christian and ancient cultures and lay them as the foundation for our new culture, art and spiritual life.
Goal 2: Reach out to and unite talented, intelligent, and spiritual people around the globe and establish an online platform for exhibitions and publications of the creative work of writers, philosophers, journalists and other interesting thinkers.
Goal 3: Create museums and centers for culture, art, spiritual healing, and education that will make a great impact on human life, culture, and art.
Goal 4: Organize art and photography exhibitions of contemporary masters who are consistent with the mission and programs of our foundation.
Goal 5: Reinstate ignored and forgotten cultures for the sake of historical memory, anthropological comprehension, and intellectual and spiritual self-cognition.

Our vision is a new culture that is born from the spiritual roots of Christian and ancient cultures and will be raised and venerated by the creative and spiritual people of today. The new culture is a Theanthropic Art of creation of another world, filled with Divine Wisdom, Freedom, Beauty and Love. We see our foundation as a cathedral of artists, writers, musicians, architects, photographers, philosophical and religious thinkers, and other spiritual and creative individuals, and as a unique platform for dialogue, exhibitions, performance, learning, research, and collaboration.

Message From The Founder

  • I am delighted to welcome all of you to ARCPROSPECT International Foundation.

    I have always appreciated the artistic creativity of…

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Inspiring Acheivements

    The Korean Art Event &Exhibition “Me and My Family” through the vision and art of young …

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